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FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

Pond Construction

How do I start?
Contact us directly. Clay will set up a time to come to your home to go over the specific work you would like to have done.  He will make recommendations as necessary.  There is absolutely NO CHARGE for this consultation. After the consultation, we will send you an estimate for the work. You may choose to revise it at this time or ask any questions regarding the estimate. A new or revised contract will be sent to you to sign.

Do I need a contractor?
A contractor can be an invaluable asset in a multi-process job. They will be able to coordinate the many aspects involved in scheduling and bringing larger jobs to completion, such as excavating, electrical, utilities placement, construction, etc.

How do I pay?
50% of the contracted amount is required before beginning work. The balance is to be paid upon the completion of the work.

Do you accept credit cards?
Howard’s Excavating knows it is sometimes easier to pay for certain material or construction costs with a credit card. We are happy to accept Visa, American Express, Discover or MasterCard.

How can I get my construction plans to you?
Have a copy made for us and we can pick them up or you can mail them to us or deliver them to our office, or have a digital version made as an image file and e-mail them to us.

Can you do my landscaping job?
Howard’s Excavating does do some landscaping but we are not a landscaping company.  We will build a variety of stone, concrete, wood or modular retaining walls and stair systems, we will spread, stone, woodchips or a number of other ground covers. Howard’s would be happy to supply you or your landscaper with a variety of landscaping supplies including the planting of trees, shrubs, flowers or ornamental plantings.

How does a septic system work?
A septic system is made up of two parts, the septic tank & a tile field. Waste material from the house enters the septic tank slowly so that the solids can settle to the bottom and form a sludge layer or raise to the top and form a scum layer. In between these two layers is a liquid waste center that over time slowly flows out into the tile field, through the gravel filled trenches and into the soil below. The soil acts as the final filter in the treatment of waste.

What is grading?
Grading is the preparation of soil and dirt levels in your lot for construction. One of the main reasons to have your lot graded is if you plan to build on uneven ground. You may need to use fill dirt to level the area in preparation for construction. Another reason is to ensure proper drainage. Grading your lot will guarantee that water will flow away from construction and not enter other properties.

How can I control erosion?
There are multiple ways to accomplish this. One way is to plan construction activities during summer and fall so that erosion control measures can be in place when the rain comes. Another way is to make sure that you examine your site carefully before building, paying close attention to slope, drainage patterns and soil types. One final way is to preserve existing vegetation as much as possible by limiting grading and plant removal to the areas under current construction.

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